Our Story

Our Story

J & R Products began as a way for an entrepreneurial father to teach his children the meaning of a good work ethic. Born and raised in a Northeast Indiana small town, our founder, Bob Troxel, seized an opportunity to manufacture wooden plugs and bungs, and teach his children at the same time.

It was a family effort, with Bob, Mary Jo and their children bagging and shipping wooden plugs from their home.

“Before school every morning, the kids would wake up to count and bag plugs. I’d call them in for breakfast afterwards, and we would hurry to school”. – Mary Jo Troxel

As the business grew, the Troxel Family expanded their warehousing capabilities by adding on to their barn once, twice and then finally building an additional building. Before they installed a semi-dock, Mary Jo would use an old barn wagon to load the semi-trailers. Now the business functions out of a full-service warehouse, where they manufacture, distribute, and ship in-house.

With a commitment to customer service and a quality American-made product, the business that started in the family barn has now grown to be a nationwide distributor and manufacturer of distillery, brewing, and winemaking products. With many employees having more than 15 years of tenure, J & R continues to emulate our core values of customer service, integrity, and a quality product.